Hooray’s at Stratford Garden Centre

Did you know that you can pop in and enjoy one of our ice creams at Stratford Garden Centre in Clifford Chambers?  There’s a freezer stocked with 14 of our most popular flavours, it’s in their Lime Tree Café.  So whether it’s a scoop in a cup or a cone, a yummy waffle or a dish of gelato for pudding, if you don’t feel up to facing the traffic and parking hassle in town, call into the Garden Centre to get your Hooray’s favourite.

We’d love to get Hooray’s freezers into other outlets in and around town, if you think you know of the perfect shop where you’d pop in to buy some of our ice creams, please let us and the shop keeper know and maybe we’ll be able to get together. Don’t forget it doesn’t only have to be a cup or a cone we also sell big take home tubs,  500ml, 750ml or 1 litre for the whole family to share, and the best thing is that you’re not limited to just one flavour in a tub, we’re happy to put in whatever combo suits you and your family or friends.


Check out our savoury menu

We’re not just about Ice cream and sweet treats at Hooray’s, apparently not everyone knows this.

Over the past couple of years we’ve developed a great little savoury menu to complement our award winning gelato’s.

Soup, paninis, bagels, sandwiches and Mac & Cheese, We’ve taken suggestions from our staff and our regulars to create a varied and popular menu.

A great idea from one of our regular mums was the kids meal deal for the under 5’s, a mini sandwich, carrot ribbons, fruit salad, and a little carton of juice, followed by a mini scoop of ice cream.  It’s just perfect for the kids who are busy having fun playing in the kids corner.

Our Homemade Mac & Cheese has proved incredibly popular since introducing it to our menu earlier in 2019.  We make it fresh, and you can add extra cheese for a “cheezy mac”, bacon for a “porkie mac”, or pesto and sundried tomatoes for a “pestomania mac”.

Everything on our savoury menu is made to order, so just like our waffles and crepes you can choose one of our options from the menu or you can swop and change and create your own.

Let us know if you have any bright ideas of food you’d like to see on our menu, bearing in mind that we are a café, not a gourmet restaurant 😉

From cow to cone

We’ve teamed up with Emma & Pete who own North Cotswold Dairy in Long Compton.  All the milk we use to produce our ice cream is now sourced locally, which means the freshest milk. The Cotswold Dairy herd are award winning and with names like Mabel, MadCap, GoodLuck, Cameo, Nell and Edna what’s not to love. The milk is delivered in reusable churns which enormously reduces our recycled waste plastics.

We’ve been making a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint, as we feel it’s everyone’s responsibility to do their bit to reduce emissions.

Compostable take away coffee cups should now be a given for all coffee shops.  We recycle plastic ice cream spoons. Having had lots of debates as to which is better, using wooden ice cream spoons(which even if they are made with sustainable trees, use a valuable resource) or plastic spoons which can be washed, sanitised and used again.  It’s one of those 6 of one and half a dozen of the other kinda discussions.  We’d be interested to hear your views.

The big straw debacle continues, everyone hated seeing the horrific results of non biodegradable straws in our oceans on the Blue Planet. So, we’ve decided to generally discourage the use of straws, and the ones we stock are 100% compositable.  A lovely lady from A Rubbish Friends Initiative called in to the shop and told us about “Press Pause on Plastic Straws” which we support wholeheartedly. We sold reusable metal straws last year, but they didn’t fly off the shelf, let us know if you think it’s something you’d be interested in buying if we stocked them again?

Festive flavours & cocktails

As any of our regulars will know, we thoroughly enjoy creating themed flavours for special days, and Christmas is no exception.  This festive season Sasha and Amelia (our creative team in the kitchen) have given us, Santa’s Grotto, Christmas pudding, Brandy butter, Gingerbread Deluxe, Fig Cheesecake, Spiced Orange & Cranberries, and lots more.

Festive drinks come hot or cold. Winter wonderland Hot chocolate and Hot chocolate Orange have been really popular with customers. Cocktail making training is always popular with our team and The Gingerbread Bellini and Cranberry Sours were definitely two of the staff favourites.

Take home pots

Our new take home pots are here. Launched at the Warwickshire Food and Drink event, the super cute pots are reusable at home and recyclable!  We’ve put a range of flavours in our new mini display freezer and there are even great little Hooray’s freezer cool bags to carry your treats home.

It’s a bit of a secret…

Shhhhh…. Don’t tell anyone it’s live music night on Thursday nights in the bar….

So there’s a rumour going round that we have a secret cocktail bar, this might be true……  the only way to know for sure is to pop in and check for yourself !!

Kate’s Storytree and a Teeny tiny tots meal deal

In November we started hosting Kate’s storytree on Tuesday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30.  It’s open to children of all ages.  Many of you may know Kate from other venues.  At Hooray’s it’s a free session and it’s being enjoyed by kids and mums alike.  After story time the mums enjoy a coffee and a chat, and for the kids there’s a special meal deal, a healthy platter with a mini sandwich, mini fruit salad, carrot ribbons, a Fruella juice carton and of course a free mini scoop of ice cream for pud.

Stratford food & drink festival

In September we were at the Stratford food & drink festival with Hennie, our vintage VW camper ice cream van.  It was great to hear the visitors complimenting Hennie, and saying “0oh look it’s Hoorays!”  We even made an appearance in the festival cookery demonstration tent, which was terrifying but also so much fun

Showing the audience how to make and decorate semi-freddo’s, a type of iced mousse.  The samples certainly went down well, as did our competition to answer 3 questions about Hooray’s and suggest a new flavour and win a large take home tub.  Our winner had all the questions right, and her suggestion was Strawberry and black pepper, which turned out to be quite a challenge to make, as the quantity of black pepper to include was incredibly difficult to get just right.  

Party Party!!

Gin & gelato nights, hen nights, baby showers and of course lots of parties

We have hosted so many parties this year, from baby showers to an 80th birthday party.  Our upstairs bar and lounge area works brilliantly for informal celebrations and of course children’s parties.  It’s not just ice cream at Hooray’s, in addition to our regular menu we offer savoury party buffets and a licensed bar. It’s an ideal venue for all types of get togethers.  Get in touch on info@hooraysgelato to find out how we can help you plan your next celebration.

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